Random Matchings

ATTENTION: This tool has been disabled for the present time. If there is demand for reinstallment of this tool, please send inquiry to grant [dot] dennison [at] gmail [dot] com

Sorry for the inconvenience! We are worried about spammers!

This is a random matching tool. The point of this tool is to allow users to organize a random gift exchange or another randomly matched event like Assassin. Note that all matchings are one-way--that is, participants are not matched pairwise with another participant.

Enter each participant's name and email (optional).
Note: You can paste in two-column data from a spreadsheet (e.g. Excel or Google Sheets).

Name Email

Now enter a message for participants. (SOURCE will be replaced by the recipients name, and TARGET will be replaced by their matched name)

Enter a master email (optional) to receive the list of match-ups.

Single-circle Arrangement:

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