CodeHousing by Grant Dennison

Welcome to my website!

Below you may find some highlighted projects on which I (Grant) have worked.
Excluded from the list are internal projects for employers.

Prayer App

My brother gave me an idea for an app to organize my personal list of prayer requests. This idea evolved into this simple list-of-lists-of-lists (etc.) approach for tracking prayer requests.

I created this app with Flutter in about a month.

Jet Backer

After successfully implementing a eCommerce storefront for PieceKeeper Games, I built off of the experience to create a full Kickstarter pledge manager service. The service has been employed by several Kickstarter campaigns (over 25,000 backers) since its launch in January of 2018.

Key components of the system include databases, emails, and eCommerce.


SoloVid is an independent game development studio started by me in summer of 2012. With one game completed using RPGToolkit and another TypeScript game in progress, SoloVid is one of my big passions.


My experience with SiteCore during a college job paired with my proclivity to write things from scratch led me to create a custom-built in-browser PHP CMS. This CMS has now been used for several years on a couple production websites.

PieceKeeper Games

Although I do not manage the website content, I created the infrastructure (including the storefront using Stripe) for the website.


Around spring break of 2015, I realized it would be helpful to have a note-taking program better suited to my style. JourNotes is a simple note-taking application written in JavaScript with TideSDK.

Random Matchings Tool

Random Matchings is a small PHP web app designed to facillitate gift exchanges or other matched events like the game Assassins.

Bloom Library

During my 2015 summer internship working at JAARS, I contributed to AngularJS website. Bloom Library is an open source project; the code is viewable on GitHub.


Also during my 2015 summer intership at JAARS, I contributed to Glyssen--a C# .NET application for generating voice actor scripts for audio recordings of the Bible.